Intuitive Path Astrology
 by Dee Dee Moore 

Birth Chart & Life Journey Readings

What Is Astrology??

Astrology is the study of all motions and relative positions of celestial bodies in our galaxy, interpreted as having a direct influence on human affairs, and our natural world. In layman's terms, what goes on 'up there' in our skies, has a lot to do with what we experience here on Earth.

Intuitive Path Astrology is the most comprehensive individual astrology chart platform on the internet. IPA provides personal natal chart readings, as well as corporate chart readings and corporate astrology mapping. Each chart reading includes in-person astrology counsel, based on your Sun, Ascendant (Rising), Moon, Venus, or Jupiter sign. In-person counsel packages are available on our Charts & Readings page, and Web Store. Intuitive Path Astrology caters to personal clientele, as well as corporate organizations.

Our products include Astrology Chart Readings as follows:

*Birth/Natal Chart Readings (Life Journey)

*Ascendant Chart Readings (60%+ of total Personality & Life Path, Career)

*Moon Sign Astrology Charts (Emotions)

*Venus Astrology Charts (Wife/SO)

*Jupiter Astrology Charts (Husband/SO)

*Corporate Astrology Counsel (Small Businesses & Large Corporations)

*Synastry Astrology Readings (Relationships/Family)

*Private Astrology- 1 Year (Personal Astrologer for one year)

*48 Hour Urgency Chart Reading (Last Minute)

*Yearly Forecast (Birth Chart Required)

-Astrology Charts + Readings

-Birth Chart Readings, based on your (Choose one)

*Sun Sign Chart -Soul Path

*Ascendant Sign (Rising Sign) -Ego. What People 'see'

*Moon Sign Chart -Emotional growth

*Venus Sign Chart -Love life (Wife/SO for a Man)

*Jupiter Sign Charts -Love & Luck (Husband/SO for a Woman)

*Synastry Astrology Charts -Relational Astrology- Where I take two (or more) charts and link their compatibility. This works great for relationship compatibility, work chemistry, as well as family compatibility!

-Astrology Counsel -30 minute, 1 hour, and 90 minute personal sessions, where I break down your chart, and interpret how each alignment applies to your life/event/company/relationships.

-48 Hour Urgency Chart -I will break down your chart, and interpret how each alignment applies to your life/event/company/relationships. 
Private Astrology -1 Year
You will have me as your personal astrologer for one full calendar year, from the time of our agreement. My private clients will have unlimited access to contact me by phone, email or Skype/Google+. You will have a stunning and effective road map for all of your major decisions and life events over the next year! Imagine the convenience of having immediate contact to a professional astrologer, with 20 years of Astrology experience, and a razor sharp intuition! 

-Corporate Astrology Counsel -We will discuss the auspicious timing of your various business deals, mergers and events. An astrology chart from one of the chosen signs above will be calculated. All persons signed to the contract will have unlimited access to contact me by phone, email or Skype/Google+.  

-Solar Return Yearly Forecast - This is not your typical horoscope. You can call it a horoscope on steroids! Your yearly forecast, or solar return chart, will show you all of the major alignments for the coming year, and how these movements affect your birth chart specifically. In addition to the unique aspects for the year, I will use secondary progressions, and solar arc progressions to configure your yearly forecast. These techniques used, are what makes your forecast for the given year, as unique as your own fingerprint!

**Now Thru May 31, 2017, recieve your 2017 Solar Return Forecast at a discount rate! More details at the Web Store.

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Don't Just Read Your Sun Sign Horoscope!

Beautiful Moonlight Night Sky

Astrology doesn't stop with just our sun signs! Charts are complex, multi faceted snapshots of the skies at our time of birth. Charts tell a story, of who you are, where you've been and where you're likely going! Roughly 10% of your amazing life journey is based off the sun sign only! 

Crecent Moon Sky Astrology
-Intuitive Path Astrology
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The Gorgeous Galaxy
Our Moon Signs make up for almost a quarter of birth chart energy. The moon changes zodiac signs every two days. These movements, along with moon phases, are directly linked to the constant changes in our emotions.  
Our Ascendant, or Rising Signs make up for over 60% of our natal chart energy. In astrology, the ascendant sign represents the ego, or what people 'see' about us. However, we all know that others perceptions of us isn't always fact. Also, what we project out into the world, isn't always what's at our core of self. This is why the ascendant sign is so important!
Your ascendant is the astrology sign constellation  that was rising in the sky, at the exact moment of your birth. In order to know your ascendant rising sign, you must know the exact time of your birth. Many people know their birth time within the hour, but don't know the exact minute. That's fine, but it's better to have a bulls eye mapping of your personality, strengths and weaknesses through a natal ascendant chart based on your exact birth time.
Our Sun Sign, which we all know by our birth month, represents our soul growth. You'd think that the sun sign would represent the ego, but that's not the case. Here's why...
The sun is the center of our solar system. It's the core of our universe which gives life. Just like the sun, our soul is the center core of our existence.
Our Jupiter Sign, simply represents this planet's zodiac placement at our time of birth. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and is easily visible in the night sky. With a 12 year orbit sround the Sun, the areas in our life represented by Jupiter include our blessings, expansion, sudden luck, wisdom, religion, overoptimism,  weight gain and the husband / dominant significant other. 
The Venus Sign is known as one of the most prominent planetary influences in our birth chart! The reason for this, is because Venus is a very fast moving planet, along with Mars, Mercury and the Moon. This quad of speedy planets influence our everyday life, as they change zodiac signs so quickly, compared to the larger, slower orbiting planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron + The Nodes). Venus spends 23 days in each zodiac sign. This beautiful planet represents just that, beauty, love and romance, clothing, cosmetics, all of the comforts of life (feng shui, a beautiful, cozy home) luxury, rich, delicious foods, money and the wife / passive significant other. 

God's Universe. One Love.

Disclaimer: Intuitive Path Astrology is a platform that celebrates the science of our galaxy, and how it can be an added source of wisdom and healing, during life's many phases. Intuitive Path Astrology does NOT endorse occult rituals, spells, or black majic of any kind.

Astrology is an ancient science, it is not destiny. It's often used as a fun, and very effective road map for our life's journey. That said, the information given on Intuitive Path Astrology is NOT intended to replace our pillars of worship, or your religious practice. It is welcomed, however, as a wonderful addition to the intuitive wisdom of God's love, and God's universe.