Intuitive Path Astrology
 by Dee Dee Moore 

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The Story

Every minute of this journey is loved!

Back in 1997..

In February of 1997 specifically, I read my first horoscope. On the last pages of Seventeen Magazine, I found my zodiac sun sign, based on my birthdate. Each horoscope was only a paragraph long, yet I found mine to be strikingly accurate. I couldn't believe how a near random horoscope for a zodiac sign, held by millions of people, could be so spot on! Immediately after that I memorized all 12 zodiac signs, with their symbols and meanings. As a young teenager, my focus was specifically on sun signs at that time.

A Joyful Obsession..

Over the next few years, astrology became my favorite activity. I would subscribe to hundreds of magazines, just so I could read all of the horoscopes (and for the fashion too, of course). From book stores, to the public library, to the school library, I found myself lost in the amazing mysteries of this universe. I couldn't get enough of learning about astrology. As the most ancient scientific practice ever recorded, I loved how there was always something to learn about astrology. Just as I thought I had one thing nailed, I quickly found that it was only the tip of the iceberg!

So, Here We Are!

2008 was a turning point year in my research. Through a conversation with a coworker, who was also a student of astrology, I learned about the rising sign (ascendant), and moon signs. I learned that astrology wasn't just about reading your daily, weekly, or monthly horoscope on back of a magazine. Your sun sign is important, yes. However, it's merely part of the intricate dance of our life's journey. You can imagine the excitement and curiosity of knowing that I had only scaled the surface of true astrology all these years prior.  So here we are, nearly 20 years later. With well over 10,000 hours of study, and through healed conviction, prayer and courage, I am called to share my knowledge of astrology with the world. This platform is for you. So welcome, enjoy, learn about astrology and get a birth chart reading! Thank you for your support!